Welcome to OAS Imports Ltd.




OAS Imports Ltd. is a long established business and have been trading since 1992. It is now one of the leading suppliers of high quality products for home living and garden leisure, from traditional to contemporary designs. Our exclusive range of Christmas products have attracted many major retailers and mail order customers. We are proud of our reputation for providing quality products and reliable service to all of our customers.


Our Explored Sports Park and the Creation of Play Grounds have attracted all generations, we are working closely with our partnership all over the world. We promote wellness in everything we do, from product design, installations and medical-scientific innovation to social projects and helping the environment. Our Wellness Design Service represents years of experience gained Designing Fitness and Wellness Centres with an aim to creating the perfect environment for physical and mental wellbeing.


We can help you create an attractive and enjoyable Wellness area with whatever space you have available. Our aim is to provide targeted education to exercise professionals via a wide range of specially developed programmes designed to engage users and deliver the best possible Wellness experience. Whatever your business, we provide specific solutions which help you develop new opportunities to promote Wellness lifestyle.


“ The greater the number of people living in wellness, the better the world will become ”